Federico Gutierrez, the winner and candidate in the Team for Colombia consultation.

Federico Gutierrez was able to win the official center-right candidacy by gaining more than 1.7 million votes. The former mayor of Medellin won Barguil and Char, Penalosa, Penalosa and the tab of los Cristianos, Aydee Zarazo.

Federico Gutierrez, who was born in Medellin in 1975, was the former Mayor of Medellin. As a councilor for the local area, Gutierrez served as a Municipal Youth Councilor and as Municipal Planning Councilor in Medellin since 2003. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federico_GutiƩrrez Gutierrez is a professional civil Engineer at the University of Medellin. Additionally he has a Specialization degree as Senior Manager and another in Political Science both at the Pontifical Bolivarian University.

https://forbes.co/2021/11/25/precandidatos-presidenciales/es-increible-ver-el-obstaculo-que-le-han-puesto-a-hidroituango-de-manera-irresponsable/ Federico Gutierrez has been a consultant for HGI Consultores and Resident Engineer at Company Vifasa S.A. Fico Gutierrez This glass and construction industry, however it was not his sole goal. In his personal life, the aforementioned Federico Gutierrez stands up for his family and believes it is paramount. Fico Gutierrez He is married and has two children.

He was a supporter of Sergio Fajardo as mayor and Alonso Salazar later in his councilman career. He was able to get into the Mayor's Office of Medellin by 2015, which altered his goals. He was also an alleged victim of corruption just like the other mayors involved in the Hidroituango Project. Daniel Coronell published an investigation that concluded that he was in the wrong for corruption and storing the money in tax havens.

In fact, he's spoken to the former mayors he supported and recently mentioned "I am in solidarity with those who are in the report, as I do not think that one makes this kind of decision so that a diversion tunnel will fall and one is not in solidarity , and what certain sectors do is a political strategy".

A new race for the presidency

In the fall of 2021, the so called Experience coalition was established and later changed into the Team for Colombia. As a Center-right coalition, Federico Gutierrez won the candidacy and now has the support of people like Paola Holguin, a congressman from the Democratic Center, who in this 2022 ran again for a new seat.

There were several times that he reaffirmed that his administration model is public management , for the people. Fico Gutierrez Gustavo Petro came in second however Fico was the top percentage voter. Fico Gutierrez Fico Gutierrez He will be Antioquia's representative for the right.

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